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Frequent Questions & Answers:

Common Questions

How does this service work? How are the phone number records obtained? acts as an affiliate* for an advanced search gateway that allows you to access millions of public records and government documents. The data is collected and organized from over a hundred different sources. and its information providers do not engage in any questionable activities - such as pretexting - in order to obtain records or information. All data is acquired through legal sources.

What is the purpose of a reverse phone number search?
Here are a few reasons why you might want to conduct a reverse phone number lookup:

• Find out the source & name of a prank caller or harrassing individual
• Investigate an unfamiliar phone number on your boyfriend/girlfriend's (or spouse's) call history
• Research a number that showed up on your phone bill
• Locate an old friend from high school or college by using their phone number
• Lookup someone's exact address
• Research "missed calls" on your caller ID that you don't recognize
• And more...

Can someone find out if I've searched for them?
No, absolutely not. Your searches within the database and search system are held strictly confidential, and are inaccessible to anyone that you'll be investigating.

Is it possible to get my own information removed from these databases?
Although neither ourselves or our service partners cannot directly manage the records within the databases, it is possible to get your privacy information removed from most sources by contacting the appropriate government and/or communications agencies.

How do I register for full membership & access to the full phone number records database?
To register, simply run an initial search here, and then follow the registration steps on the second step.


Product-Related Questions

What information is available in your databases?
The membership database gateway provides access to millions of public records and similar data, such as:

• Reverse phone number searches
• Reverse email and reverse address searches
• Background checks and background information resources
• People search resources
• Marriage and divorce records
• Registered sex offenders

• Inmate records, court records, and legal files
• Birth, death, and adoption records
• Social security number verifications
• And More...

Please note that our providers do not access or distribute actual phone records - such as phone bills, etc. For more information, you can read the full terms of use on step 2 of the search process. To begin your reverse phone number search, click here.

How many numbers can I investigate?
Members get unlimted search access, for as long as the service exists.

Can I run investigations on international phone numbers?
No. The search coverage is restricted to U.S. records only.

Are cell phone records included in the membership search database?
Yes. Information regarding a cell phone number's issuing location, carrier, and further details is available for almost all U.S. numbers. Owner details may be available if the issuing company has made them available to our service partners.

Billing & Membership Questions

Are there recurring billing charges for membership?
No - your membership is a one-time fee only.

How can I make sure that my online purchase is secure?
You'll be placing an order for your phone records membership through a company called ClickBank -- a trusted online retailer that exclusively provides digital products. Your ordering information is protected by a 128-bit SSL connection-- the same security used by online banks and financial institutions.

(Note: To verify this, you'll see a "lock" icon in the bottom panel of your browser when you are on the ordering page)

What happens if I can't find any information about the cell phone number?
Our information provider guarantees their results. For more information, read the guarantee policy on the registration page on "step 2" of the reverse phone lookup process.

To begin your reverse phone number search, click here.

What types of payment are accepted?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Bravo, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, and JCB. PayPal is also accepted.

What will this transaction show up like on my credit card bill or bank statement?
The charge on your statement will appear as "CLKBANK", as the payment processor is

There will be no indication that you performed a reverse phone search whatsoever on your financial records.

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* does not directly provide memberships or take orders for access to the reverse phone search database tools; rather, we act as a virtual refferer to a vendor that provides a quality service. We only refer our visitors to services that we've tested ourselves with satisfactory results.

Please review the terms of use, privacy policy and end user agreement on our provider's website on or after "step 2" of the search process - to do so, begin your search here, and when the initial search results are displayed, click on their service details, terms & conditions and so on in order to acquaint yourself with the service comprehensively.



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